B-School Resume

B-School Resumes That Sparkle

I love womba prep coach resume services imagerking with applicants on their resumes, because it is quite akin to a treasure hunt!

We search for hidden gems that are buried in all the words. Then I clean them up, polish them, and present them so they command the proper attention.

1 –   Tell me your stories, on paper. Developing an effective resume is 80% branding and positioning, 20% writing. The tools I have give me traction on your anecdotes related to leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, and other esteemed qualities.

2-  What is your claim? We identify how to brand and position you. For full-time candidates, this informs your job scope statements, accomplishments and other parts of your application. For EMBA candidates, there is more flexibility. We can also include this in an impact statement and summary.

3 –  Skype translation session. We saddle up on screenshare and you explain each job, line by line. I hone in on the juiciest nugget, and summarize it a few words.

4-   Clutter clearing. Making way for the main message. I believe in zen. Less is more. Simple elegance.

Let the adcom to walk into your world, and hit the ground running. Make sure your resume accessible and digestible.

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Farrell Dyan Hehn, MBA

Farrell Dyan July 31