Self awareness and goal-setting


When you are seeking an MBA, it is because you want to make manifest some kind of professional change. It could be to climb the corporate ladder, or to make a fundamental shift in your function and industry.

Whatever the case may be, I make sure that all of our activities are guided by the answers to the following three questions.

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you want?
  3. How can you get it?

My ultimate goal is for you to graduate from a top business school and move into a career that is intrinsically fulfilling to you.

As a certified career coach, I know how to bring forth the information we need to put you on the right trajectory. I use combination of coaching and assessments to ensure we have a good foundation first, before trying to win over the admissions committee.


“Our last session really helped me and I have a different perspective on my life and job. I was able to see the good things around me that had always been there, but I hadn’t noticed them before. Now, I am embracing my job and having fun with it. Last week was very positive with regards to my relationship with my boss! She moved her office next to mine and our communication is better than ever and I am feeling good. I know things will turn around. Excited about the transformation taking place.” – M. Waqas

“Thank you for challenging me to stop waiting for the job I had been hoping for, and instead go for the job that was just waiting for me. The idea seemed foreign at the time, yet it worked beautifully. I recently started a full-time faculty position at a college only four miles from my home! Exactly what I wanted to do and I am having a complete and total blast!”Pamela

“Farrell’s creativity allows her to visualize what people want, and to develop ideas for times when there is no vision to follow.” – M. Bassi

“When I began coaching with Farrell, I had just moved back to town after a year away. I was beginning my nutritional coaching business and establishing myself as a new professional in my city, while also working 2 days a week at another job. It was taking a long time for my business to get off the ground.

I was trying hard to please everyone and appeal to many nutritional issues, which left me feeling exhausted and sometimes inadequate. I also had an idea for a niche market, but had trouble focusing my efforts. Farrell immediately saw the value of my niche idea, and provided support along the way as I developed it.

By the end of our coaching, I launched my first group program over the telephone, with a focus on my growing specialty. I left my part-time job, which had been a distraction from creating my business, and now I have several booked speaking engagements to present about nutrition for gum health. I also signed on two new ideal clients, who paid me without hesitation and are always excited to meet with me.

While working together, we also realized that it is very important for me to have a mobile business so I can vacation each year and make plans to live in Europe. This goal is wonderful motivation. Every time I come away from a phone call with Farrell, I feel empowered and like I can do anything. She gives feedback in gentle ways where I do not feel threatened. Instead I feel like she is looking out for me. I now feel more confident, more focused, and I am extremely excited for my future.” – Ava

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Farrell Dyan Hehn, MBA

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