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To describe the workflow. First, we set up the project – our editorial calendar, if you will. This mainly consists of an Excel spreadsheet that includes your roster of schools, writing milestones and submission deadlines.

I ask you to research all the question prompts for each school, including those buried in the applications. I like to get all our work right in front of us.

After brainstorming your application strategy, we choose recommenders who will bring forth the right “content.” If you can have me review and edit them before submission, it will greatly enhance your candidacy.

The we collaborate to prepare an outline for each of the prompts.

Next, you’ll write out the initial drafts. I can edit it in the document, or, I can send you audio files that you can listen to as you move through the essays. We generally need 3 rounds prior to the final edit.

Once the content is dialed in, I apply my “juju,” editing it for word count and overall aesthetic.

After completing the essays, and polishing your recommendations, I like to review the open responses within the application for both substance and style. 

Many of the schools require video essays or responses: MIT, NYU-Stern and INSEAD. For the responses we can plan, you send me an outline, and then we develop the script. After taking your first cut at “production,” you’ll send it over to me via You Tube or Vimeo. We will most likely develop a couple more versions. I’m a former Creative Director, so you’re in good hands.

In the case of an impromptu video interview, i.e., Yale or Kellogg,  it’s vital for me to get a sense of how you come across on camera before recording your one and only submission for those. That is part of the interview preparation services that I offer.

I like to work well ahead of the game, because the more drafts we do, the better your final product will be. Please treat this project seriously; do not sabotage your life and career by working on applications last minute.

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Farrell Dyan Hehn, MBA

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