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GMAT Verbal Score Holding You Back?

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I’ve helped clients get into top b-schools for 17 years. 

I break down verbal like a math problem.

My strategies work. Yes, even for you ESL applicants!

My Story

I did Kaplan. Princeton Review. I struggled, postponing applications month after month. Once I figured this stuff out, I retook the exam – applying the strategies I will teach youlanding a verbal score in the 99th percentile.

In the last semester of my MBA, I taught GMAT Verbal for Kaplan, but didn’t enjoy serving up hundreds of pages of material, so much unnecessary complexity. A real strategy must be replicable in the test room, right? Mine are.

I was approached by the founder of a major MBA Admissions consulting firm to head up his GMAT service, and have worked independently for the past 10 years.

Breakthroughs, not English lessons 

I consider myself a performance coach, more so than a tutor. I guide you in applying my strategies. However, as we work together, I observe and intuit the challenges that are holding you back.

This includes limiting assumptions or perceptions that you are bringing to the questions. Blind spots.

Awareness of these will take your performance to the next level.

After working with me, some clients decide to apply to higher-ranked schools!

Verbal GMAT Score Report


I teach Critical Reasoning, Reading Comp, and Sentence Correction. The cost is $100/hour, for individual teaching and coaching from an established expert. Each session includes a Word file that outlines my strategy for each question type.

A high verbal score will set your life – and lifetime earnings – on a higher trajectory. This program pays for itself several times over


Verbal GMAT Prep Tutor Farrell Hehn

Farrell raised my GMAT Verbal score from 48 to 51 within only 8 hours; I would have spent more time studying but was short on time. Her way of tackling questions was extremely helpful and made me think a lot harder about what I was trying to answer. It was certainly challenging, but Farrell’s combination of motivation and reassurance helped me over that mental block. As a result, I was able to increase my score from 690 to 760 after just one month of studying. 

– M.W., Chicago, IL  «- 2016 Chicago-Booth graduate


Thanks for writing. Farrell’s program was the best investment I made in the GMAT. Having her guide me in how to approach each problem and analyzing my mistakes together really helped me grasp how to recognize answers the GMAT way. However, you must remember to also put in your own time. I think what helped me out the most in the testing is learning how to approach the problems with Farrell’s strategies, and then continuing to practice that on my own.

I scored 93 percentile overall and I honestly don’t think I would have been able to do it without this program. Actually, I’m a math person, but my verbal score ended up much higher than my quant score! So don’t give up. Farrell has excellent strategies for breaking down a reading comp passage, and THIS you will not find out of any textbook. RC was my weakest section and I was able to improve it tremendously using her strategies. For me, it didn’t come immediately, but only after practice and reviewing my notes from our call. It might sound ridiculous, but I was so excited after my first RC lesson because I finally understood how to read the passages and tackle each problem.

Yes, I will be applying to top 10 schools this year and I am on this path because with Farrell’s help, I’ve overcome my GMAT obstacle. If you have any further questions or would like to talk with me, please feel free to contact me at anytime.

Best of luck,

Patricia «- Berkeley-Haas graduate

Hi Farrell,

I did do many of the Sentence Correction questions in there, though not with the new, significantly improved, and efficient “Farrell Technique” so I suppose it’ll be like working them for the first time!

I was very happy with our session last night. You are absolutely right – The structure and format are so conducive – it’s fantastic! I really feel like I learned something — oh how I wish I found you 6 months ago .

I will do my assignments tonight. I feel good about studying!

Thanks for everything!

Marietta «- NYU-Stern graduate

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Farrell Dyan Hehn, MBA

Farrell Dyan July 31