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MBA Prep Coach Interview Preparation

After all the applications are in, and those exciting interview offers start coming in, I can help prepare you for each school individually. When you walk into these interviews, I want you to have a few things in mind that you want to get across.

Set yourself apart by being more proactive than reactive. It’s very important to have talking points prepared for what you’ll be asked.

Everyone has blind spots. Get coaching & feedback on your camera presence, and interview responses

Sometimes, my clients have run out of energy by this point. They have already put in stellar applications, and are not looking forward to the research and preparation required to sell themselves all over again.

This is the time to make the most of all your hard work. Don’t let up on your efforts until you have the brass ring!

For each interview offer, you need to develop and present a strong and school-specific argument for as to why you are a fit for their institution.

Let’s spend some time on camera together to make sure everything is on-point. This way, you can walk into your interview, prepared, confident and relaxed.

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Farrell Dyan Hehn, MBA

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