MBA Prep Coach Kellogg Testimonial“Farrell was a real life saver in the MBA application process. I first came to her to help me in developing a holistic application that was tailored to my target schools. Her process effectively identified key strengths and weaknesses in my candidacy and developed a strategy to give me the best chance of getting accepted.

Two weeks into working with Farrell, I had realized my first choice schools deadline was actually in two weeks, and not in two months as I had originally thought. Farrell immediately sprang to action and made herself available around the clock. We would often have calls as late as 11pm and corresponded constantly through email. While I do not suggest completing an application in just two weeks, Farrell’s dedication and commitment to helping her clients put forth the best application possible is unwavering. With Farrell’s help, I was accepted to my first choice school, Kellogg.”

– L.R, Chicago, IL 


MBA Prep Coach Wharton Logo“After battling through the MBA applications and essays alone for several months, I decided I needed help. I was targeting some of the most elite schools in the country, and I knew I could not do it alone. I found Farrell through a close friend who was working with her at the time on his MBA essays.

I was having trouble framing my message clearly and concisely, and I was looking to gain a perspective outside my own that would help enrich my essays, but still remain true to my story. I would write essays but they would end up being 1,500 words for a 750 words maximum essay or would meander and abruptly end with no strong conclusion. Farrell was a tremendous help in these areas! She helped to focus in on the key message I was trying to create and helped me refine that message over multiple iterations. It was tough and challenging to have your hard work picked apart and analyzed, but that is exactly what the AdCom committee would do, and in the end made my essays stand out. She also was a lifesaver when it came down to helping me minimize my content but retain my message. I cannot tell you how many times she took an essay several hundred words over the essay word limit, and was able to cut out the “fat” but still leave the “meat” of the message.

What helped the most out of this entire process was Farrell’s high expectations and belief in me as a candidate. It was tough to go over the same essay multiple times, but in the end I am grateful I did. If I had not, I would have never achieved my dream of attending Wharton. I also realized that through our sessions, that I had the capacity to create good content, but under her guidance and critiques I could truly create great content. Her perspective improved my essays, made my applications stronger, and in the end, also helped me better understand my own writing style. I found Farrell to be an invaluable resource during my MBA application and I would recommend anyone to use her as an MBA Essay Coach.”

– S. Desai, NY, NY


MBA Prep Coach MIT Sloan Logo“Long before I started the MBA application process, I knew that I wanted to attend MIT-Sloan. Even though it was my top choice, I was reluctant to apply, given Sloan’s intimidating acceptance rate and the weaknesses in my application profile – sub par undergrad GPA, 710 GMAT, zero extracurricular involvement, and the misfortune of being overrepresented as an Asian-American male. While I was proud of my professional work experience (a blend of retail strategy and product development), I knew it was only valuable to my application in so far as my ability to tell a compelling story. To stand any chance of getting in to Sloan, my application essays and letters of recommendation would have to be exceptional.

When I started writing my initial drafts, I really struggled to find my story – faced with broad essay prompts, yet tight word limits. I spent a few weeks shoving as many of my professional accomplishments into 500 words as I could, but it came out sounding scattered, superficial, arrogant. I went to a couple of friends for their thoughts—first, an English teacher and then later a colleague–but neither had the sort of advice I needed to give my essays the dimension they were missing. A colleague recommended that I try an “admissions consultant.” I was hesitant to go this route, after hearing stories of how impersonal and expensive these services could be.

She probably sensed my hesitation, because she offered to read through my material before I committed to working with her. Her feedback was so eye-opening and honest. I found it hard to understand why I hadn’t seen it before. After hours of video chat, last-minute proofreads, and candid feedback, I’d come to learn that Farrell has a unique talent for framing context, probing with questions, and smashing through writer’s block to bring out the best in her clients. I’m a procrastinator and impatient by nature, but Farrell held me to relentlessly high standards while keeping me motivated and on track. In the end, she helped me transform my essays, resume, optional video, and letters of recommendation into a story of my own personal journey. Best of all, I am so proud that the work is my own! Farrell saw that I had it in me all along–I just needed help finding it. My dream of attending MIT-Sloan is now a reality.”

– S. Hong, Austin, TX

University of Chicago-Booth

MBA Prep Coach Chicago-Booth Logo“After finishing college, I worked as a trader for three years, but realized that that my understanding of the business world was actually quite limited. I spent considerable time looking for a position in another industry, but realized I was extremely pigeon-holed to finance. My Harvard degree often got my foot in the door, but I didn’t have any hard skills I could bring to the table.

I decided to submit Round 3 business school applications. I needed to differentiate myself, being overrepresented as a white male with a finance background. I started looking for GMAT Verbal tutors and found Farrell on Craigslist. Farrell raised my Verbal score from 48 to 51 within only 8 hours; I would have spent more time studying but was short on time. Her way of tackling questions was extremely helpful and made me think a lot harder about what I was trying to answer. It was certainly challenging, but Farrell’s combination of motivation and reassurance helped me over that mental block. As a result, I was able to increase my score from 690 to 760 after just one month of studying.

I chose Farrell to also serve as my consultant for the entrance applications. Given our previous time spent together, I felt assured that she would give me honest feedback. Farrell challenged me time and time again and pushed me to do better. At the same time, she encouraged me; always stating that I had what it took, and would be accepted to a top 5 MBA program. My originally unfocused essays later became well-developed narratives. With Farrell’s guidance, I was better able to articulate who I was, who I wanted to be, and how I was going to get there.

Perhaps the greatest value that Farrell brought to the table was her conciseness; she knows how to say anything in less than 10 words. This proved to be extremely helpful in revising my business school resume, and for future resumes (we still have an ongoing relationship.) We spent a considerable amount of time developing my personal brand. Having a well-developed resume by the time I arrived at business school served me quite well. I found myself ahead of the curve when it came time to write resumes for internship applications, and only needed to make superficial changes. Most of my colleagues at Booth were highly impressed by the quality of my resume.

Armed with a 760 GMAT and some well-crafted essays, I was admitted to Kellogg with the offer of a 60K merit-based scholarship, and to Chicago Booth with a merit-based scholarship of 50K. Everyone here at Booth says that getting a merit-based scholarship in the 3rd Round is impossible! I could not have been more fortunate, and I am extremely grateful to have worked with Farrell. She pushed me to do my best, but also provided support and reassurance that I could do it. It was certainly a challenge and required an investment of time, but I am extremely happy to have completed my first year at Chicago Booth. By rebranding myself, and attending a top 5 school, I am now positioned to transition into any industry I so choose. This summer I will be taking part in the Coca-Cola Management Leadership Development Program, which was my first choice among internships.”

– M.W., Chicago, IL


MBA Prep Coach NYU Stern Logo“This time last year, I had just exited a software startup that I co-founded. After considering my options, I decided to go to business school and started to study for the GMAT. When I had finally taken the test three months later, it dawned on me that my first Round 1 application deadline was only four weeks away! That’s when I called Farrell.

I knew I needed help with my application essays. Even though I am skilled at writing technical documents for work, I had no clue what would make for a good personal essay. I was also in the dark about what essay content would capture the attention of the admission committee. And, although I didn’t realize it when I first called Farrell, I wasn’t exactly clear on why business school was the right choice for me.

Farrell would always push back on my vague essay drafts, and instead forced me to explore the ‘why.’ She gave me tools and exercises that helped me learn more about myself. These all helped me get clear about my motivations for pursuing an MBA, motivations that shined through in my essay drafts. I was able to attack the essays with more confidence. However, what I valued most was her coaching, and her insistence that I get absolute clarity on my purpose for obtaining an MBA. This helped me frame excellent answers to the “why MBA” essay and interview questions.

Thanks to Farrell’s coaching and unforgiving eye for detail, after interviews, I was down to a final decision between Stern and Ross. Farrell graciously arranged for me to speak with her previous clients who had attended each school. Today, I’m proud to say that I’ll be attending NYU-Stern this Fall. I couldn’t be happier, and I couldn’t have done it without Farrell!”

– P. Sharma, Arlington, VA

University of the Arts London

UAL logo for MBA Prep Coach client testimonial“Although I have an MBA and come from a banking background, in 2015 I decided to apply for a masters in Design Management at University of the Arts in London. Although it was not a huge career change, I needed to tell a very good story about why design was important to my professional life at that moment. And this is when I met Farrell.

Farrell not only helped me connect the dots and tell my story, but also guided me through an important process of self-knowledge. The methods used during the process were simple and effective in finding answers about myself and my objectives. Knowing about myself was an essential step towards achieving my short and long-term goals.

As we were in different countries and the time zone added some complexity, Farrell recorded audios for me, so that I had a detailed review of all facets of my application. Today I am heading to the end of my masters in Design Management at UAL and I feel that the work Farrell did with me will continue to guide my professional life, even after completing my degree.

I unreservedly recommend Farrell’s work and way of approaching problems; she treats each situation as unique and puts all her efforts to build a perfect case for her clients.”

– G. Azevedo, São Paulo, Brazil

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